"Come and help me build the Monastery of San Damiano, because ladies will dwell here who will glorify our Heavenly Father throughout His Holy Church by their celebrated and holy manner of life."
St.Francis speaking of St. Clare and her Sisters

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The "SON" is shining in Tonopah!

Since moving to Tonopah, there have been many pleasant surprises! The beautiful skies are certainly among the wonderful surprises of Tonopah living!  The night skies are so awesome - the stars shine so brightly.  It is magnificent!  And then, nearly every day, we have the most incredible sun rises and sun sets.  Below are some recent pics to give you an idea.  They photos below are courtesy of our neighbor Lynne and Br. Francis (who was able to snap a few amazing shots during his recent retreat). 

Happy New Year to all of our faithful blog readers!


  1. Happy New Year!! wow. the feast of "altocumulus" clouds :-)

  2. Hello Sister's

    "Happy New Year"
    Fantastic color in the sky...just 5 months to my retirement and we will be there to see you...Yippeeeee!!
    God Bless

  3. Now the sisters have a place of their own,so wonderful to see the progress they have made since their first day,my support,prayers will always be with you all,God Bless and keep you ,Amen.

  4. cant wait to come visit. need directions or appointment to come