"Come and help me build the Monastery of San Damiano, because ladies will dwell here who will glorify our Heavenly Father throughout His Holy Church by their celebrated and holy manner of life."
St.Francis speaking of St. Clare and her Sisters

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dreams...to reality - in the blink of an eye!

We've all heard the saying: "Can't see the forest through the tree."  Well, I believe this is how this whole construction project has been for us.  Last year, when construction began, at least a few of us would  head out to Tonopah to check things out.  Stone by stone, we saw the form of a chapel begin.  The year flew by and progress continued.  As the months went on, our treks out to Tonopah became more and more frequent and the progress seemed to go more and more quickly.  The reality of it all though has sunk in more slowly than the actual construction! :)

It wasn't until the cleaning crew came in at the beginning of this week to 'shine' everything up that it really hit me: OUR DREAM HAS TURNED INTO A REALITY - through the grace of God, the generosity of His children, and the hard work of many wonderful people. 

Each step of this journey has been STEEPED in prayer - as is evident in the final product which is more beautiful than we dared to dream.  Enjoy this video update below.  We are still several months away from being able to have the Chapel consecrated (will keep you up to date on that) - as we await the completion of the pews and a few other interior appointments.  But those months will fly by - as this past year has...and soon enough this beautiful chapel will be a place of prayer for the people of Phoenix!  We look forward to that day as well! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More pics, at long last

OK, everybody, at long last here are some additional photos...with more to come soon!  The last few weeks have been incredibly busy, as things at the building site continue to speed along.  You just gotta see the progress to believe it.  Each day brings TONS of new and exciting progress.  Several jaunts out to Tonopah are in the plans, so look for more photos soon!

Crucifix in the Sanctuary of the Church

The Nuns checking out the view from behind the cloister Mass choir grille!

"We love it!"

WOW... The floor is coming along beautifully!

Welcome home, Our Holy Father Francis!