"Come and help me build the Monastery of San Damiano, because ladies will dwell here who will glorify our Heavenly Father throughout His Holy Church by their celebrated and holy manner of life."
St.Francis speaking of St. Clare and her Sisters

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stained Glass Windows

Bovard Studios, in Iowa, has been hard at work on some of our stained glass windows - completed some and working on the drawings for others.  Below you will get a glimpse of them.  WOW.  So lovely!

As donors come forward for each window, they are sent into production.  There are still many windows that are waiting for donors to purchase them.  If you are interested, please get into contact with Sr. Marie Andre who will be happy to fill you in on all the details.  More to come on the windows soon.

Joe sent an update a few days back.  We will be going to the land again on Saturday - so look for another photo update soon.  Enjoy Joe's news: "Last Saturday, the framers really knocked it out of the park by framing the exterior walls of the Mass Choir, the sacristies, confessionals, parlor, restrooms and priest's vestry.  That was awesome.  It really opens up the job for many other trades this week including the electrician, plumber and HVAC.

On Monday the framer began laying out the arches that will surround the sanctuary, mass choir and adoration chapel.  They have committed to complete the arches and the interior column framing by the end of this week.  Monday morning also welcomed back the masons as they begin to close in the east end of the Chapel which will define the loggia and most importantly to Sister Andre and all the Sisters I'm sure, the adoration Chapel.  They hope to be complete a week from Wednesday.  They will be followed by the framers who will promptly frame the radius roofs.

The framers put a roof on the Mass choir and are continuing work on the covered walkway.  Stone and precast installation continues on the exterior and the plan is to begin interior Chapel precast this week.

Monday, April 19, 2010

More from Joe...

This morning Joe sent us a newsy email detailing all the 'goings on' at the building site.  Below you'll read the crux of his email!  Hope you enjoy it.  Several trips to Tonopah are scheduled in the next week - as we have many out of town visitors (family and friends) - so expect more photos and more news soon!
"As the sun was rising this morning over Tonopah, concrete was falling into the forms that make up the Sanctuary, Adoration Chapel, Loggia, Mantle Room, and ramp / storage in sacristies.  You will be standing on level ground the next time you enter the Chapel.  

The covered walkways are nearing completion and the roofer will begin drying in the building this week.  The framers will be complete all the way to the east gable by the end of the week.  The Narthex roof framing is complete.  Masons will start closing in the Loggia and Adoration Chapel next Monday!

Stone workers should begin work on the large rose window above the Narthex this week as well as continue stone application around the Chapel."

Thanks for the update Joe!  
Keep up the good work! 

Monday, April 12, 2010

A Photo Update - more details to come soon

A roof over our heads! The two photos above were taken in the cloister sacristy. 
Sr. Esther Marie was particularly excited - as she serves as Sacristan for our community.
It is amazing that even in this uncompleted state, it really 'feels' like sacristy in there!!!
In the other cool photo you are standing in the cloister sacristy looking toward the cloister loggia! 
It was awesome to have a roof over our heads :) 
Here is the outside view of the area where I took the first photo.
Doesn't the stone look awesome!  YAY
I love this shot.  Seeing the wooden ceiling beams go in is so exciting. 
The steel beams will be covered in a wood overlay as well.  WOW...it is so exciting :)
Joe and Steve pointing out some of the other progress to Sr. Marie St. Paul.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter JOY

I hope your Easter is a holy and happy one.  Note: I said IS, not WAS.  It's still Easter Day - how glorious it is to be Catholic.  We celebrate Easter Day for 8 days (called the Easter Octave).  It's too glorious a celebration to contain it to one day.  And we celebrate the Easter Season for 50 days!  YAY.

Anyway, this glorious Easter Monday we were greeted with some FANTASTIC photos from Joe.  What a gift from our Risen Savior!  Below is a sampling of them.  

To quote from Joe's newsy email: The Chapel and Priest vestry slabs are poured.  The underground ductwork is going in at the Sanctuary, Mass Choir, Adoration Chapel and Loggia.  The painter stained all the roof decking (it looks great).  The framers are starting the Chapel roof today (awesome) as well as anything else that is available to them.  The stone is going up on the south, west and north today.  Precast window molding continues.  Lots going on.

A trip is planned for later this week, so stay tuned for more photos!