"Come and help me build the Monastery of San Damiano, because ladies will dwell here who will glorify our Heavenly Father throughout His Holy Church by their celebrated and holy manner of life."
St.Francis speaking of St. Clare and her Sisters

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stone by Stone...Step by Step

Today Sr. Augustine and Sr. John-Mark headed out to Tonopah with some dear friends to check out the Chapel progress.  As you can see in the photos below we were DELIGHTED with the progress.  Seeing the stone on the chapel is so awesome!  It's really taking shape.  How beautiful!  We hope you enjoy the photos as well.  Have a most blessed remainder of Holy Week and a glorious Easter!
The stone going on the front side of the chapel (west side)
Wow...it's really beginning to look like a Church!!!

The stone is going on the south wall of the Chapel!

Sr. John-Mark Maria, Laurie Parks, Tom Parks, Deacon John Parks, Sr. Augustine, and Pam

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A New Photo Collage

Below is a photo collage from the Sisters visit to the land yesterday. As you can see, everything is progressing according to schedule.

In the top left photo you see the Mass Choir (where the trenches are) and the Vestry. On the third row is the mock up of the stone, precast, and roof tile. This is the combo that we are going with. The Sisters said it really looks beautiful. From the photos, it seems like it works perfectly.

To the right of the mock up, jetting off of the chapel, are the sacristies (both the cloister and the extern sacristies).

Bottom row, on the right, you can see the precast going up. It looks so beautiful!

Hope you enjoy these updated photos. More to come soon!

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P.S. To see the photos larger, simply click on the collage.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A New Rendering

We hope you enjoy the newest and most up to date rendering of the chapel - courtesy of  our architect, Carlos! Soon enough renderings won't be necessary - as the reality of the chapel will be completed!  September is right around the corner!  The colors are loosely based on the actual stone and roof tile. 

With all the Nun Run hype, we have not been out to the building site for a bit.  We hope to get out there next week and update you with all the 'ins and outs' and some new photos.  So hold tight for that! 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Stepping off a curb...

We've been talking with various friends - all of whom can't help but show their surprise that the Chapel is going up so quickly.  Delay after delay, month after month, we waited for it all to begin.  At that point, it seemed like nothing would ever happen.  "But that was yesterday...and yesterday's gone!" :)

And now, only 3 months into construction, we see unbelievable progress.  It's a bit mind boggling.  When we were interviewing construction companies way back when, we had so many questions...all of which seemed to us to be insurmountable.  To our barrage of questions, I remember Fritz from Haydon Building Corp saying: (this is a paraphrase) For us, building is like stepping off the curb. 

Now I think we all agree that stepping off the curb isn't so hard.  This response calmed alot of the pre-construction jitters: It's like stepping off a curb for people who know what they are doing!!!  How comforting.  And we've seen that Fritz was right.  This thing is happening - and it is glorious to witness.

With this said: construction still isn't like stepping off the curb for us!  And things don't always make sense.  The lingo still escapes us at time - and we rely on Joe to translate things to 'nun language'.  So, below, not only are the photos but also his comments.  Hope you enjoy!

From Joe: "You will notice that the Narthex is coming along as well as the two gables that will form the cruciform.  The chapel floor is all excavated right now for the ductwork and the masons are ready to bring up the east gable over the Adoration Chapel.  Monday, the septic tank and leaching fields start going in!"