"Come and help me build the Monastery of San Damiano, because ladies will dwell here who will glorify our Heavenly Father throughout His Holy Church by their celebrated and holy manner of life."
St.Francis speaking of St. Clare and her Sisters

Saturday, January 2, 2010

At long last...some progress!

To all of you who have faithfully checked back to this page for updates...and didn't find them - Allow me to apologize!  I've been utilizing the home page of desertnuns.com for updates and have failed to keep this portion of our website up to date.

With everything going on now and so much progress happening, we've decided to use a blog in order to keep everyone up to speed on construction updates, fundraising goals, and progress photos, and upcoming events.

To the kind person who emailed - as a possible contributor - asking for updates...I just want to say: Thanks for the inspiration!  I think this sort of approach will enable me to keep all of our family, benefactors, and friends 'in the loop' - so to speak! 

Thanks for your patience and thanks for keeping me on task here!  The links to the left are still a bit out of date, but gradually that will be all caught up soon.  As the pages are updated, I will let you know on this main page!

It is beyond exciting - seeing the construction process proceed now so rapidly.  With construction meetings every 2 weeks, we are on site more often and able to see first hand the wonders the Lord is doing!  Thanks to our good friend, Jill, we now have a little "Flip" camera that will enable us to take videos of the progress as well and post them on the blog.  Lots to look forward to! 

Hope you enjoy these two photos from Christmas Eve at the site...as the SON was rising! The walls just keep on risin'!  THANK YOU JESUS.  Also, meet two of our newest collaborators: Alex and Christian.  They are the children of our project manager, Joe Napadano!


  1. Thanks for the update, Sister. It appears that there is alot going on. You all must be so happy with the progress.

  2. Dear Sisters, the photos and video are great. It is such a Blessing to finally see some real progress!!! Your doing a great job and we all love you and pray for you. David and Elia